Wednesday, January 20, 2010

[sticky post] Help us to find her...

[entri terbaru ada kat bawah...]

klik2 jengah blog kawan2,
terus terbaca ni kat blog shasha.
tolong ye korang...

"I am doing this as a favor to my brother in law...

his niece has been missing...this is her picture

and below is information from his sister....

This is my little niece Hana. She's only 1 year n 5 months. She was kidnapped in Ampang this morning.(17.01.2010)

The abducter's name is Lenardi Amnisar Yuliawiratman (brother to TV3 newscaster Privi Triana).

Please help us find her."


Jemput2! Makan jemput2 meh!


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